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I could do it

I could kill myself and no one would find me til morning. I could find my pills, wash them down with a handle I rum, and no one would notice me until after at least 6 hours passed. Where I would be dead. I have the letters written up. So why shouldn’t I do it?? There’s no point to me anyways. IM NOTHING.

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Thoroughly disgusted with myself. I feel like I have to eat so much on this trip to try and hide it, and I want to purge, but I CANTTTTTT. Ugh. Just can’t wait to get back so I can fix my eating/fasting schedule again.

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Today will be a good fasting day. I’m on a bus for almost 7 hours and I don’t think we’re stopping to eat til way later, so I’ll get a good 18 hours or so total. Maybe more if I can help it.

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Well my fasting today went to shit. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Today felt more like a failure than any other. I made it til 4 without eating. And then, after a shitty practice that I didn’t even do anything at, I couldn’t help myself. It’s not even like any other day. I didn’t do anything at practice, I don’t know why I’m hungry. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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Is it still laziness if it spawns from self hatred??

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Each time you take a shower would be a breath taking experience.
Rain, Hail or shine.

reblog this waay too much. but like how perf

shower sex here would be perfect. my boyfriend even agreed.



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i want a statistic of how many people turned the game off after beyonce left

The stadium turned itself off after Beyonce left.

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Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued
Fall Out Boy

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